Blossom pre-school in Warsaw


Our Programme

The programme of Blossom preschool is based on 5 main pillars. These are: Art, English, Physical Activity, Contact with Nature, and Organic Food. We follow the core curriculum set by the Polish Ministry of National Education within the framework of our own teaching programme.

5 pillars of the Blossom Programme


The arts education programme is a central pillar of our activity. Children love to do art. At our preschool, art projects are part of everyday activities. Children work with various materials: paints, pastels, chalk, charcoal, markers, pens, clay, sand and many other natural materials stimulating the senses. Through play, we also share knowledge of art, artists, art movements and history. Children work in a laid-back setting; what counts is the creative process and the joy it brings, rather than the final result. Children’s works are displayed around the preschool and on our Facebook profile. Experience of art also includes musical encounters – in any form. We sing, we drum, we engage in music therapy, play instruments, dance etc. We introduce basic concepts of music theory. We expand children’s awareness of sounds and music through our folk music classes. We organize entertaining workshops with interesting people – Warsaw-based artists – musicians, painters, graphic artists, and writers. We organize field trips to theatres, museums, and art studios – sometimes they even come to visit us.


Blossom is an English-speaking preschool, which means that we use English immersion as our means of communication.  Each group is led by an experienced English-speaking teacher (native speaker) and a Polish teacher who speaks English fluently. Children soak up language like a sponge, so everyday exposure allows them to learn the language in a natural, spontaneous way. At this stage (up to the age of six) children don’t have formal language classes, i.e. they don’t learn to read or write – they simply listen and gradually start to talk. They acquire the language in the same way they learned their mother tongue. We strive to progressively expand their vocabulary through fun and games, but the whole process is quite natural. At the age of 6-7 years, the children will be ready to start education in an English-speaking school. The core curriculum of MEN (Ministry of National Education) is executed in English to provide an adequate education for kids whose parents decide to send them to a Polish school.


In the contemporary world, dominated by technology, we spend less and less time in contact with nature, forgetful of how much we need it. Children learn about the world through nature. During our Nature Lovers’ Club we reveal nature to them day by day – talking about the life cycles of animals and plants, seasons of the year, the greenhouse effect and how they can help look after the natural environment. Our villa is surrounded by a large garden with a playground and a sports field, so children, weather permitting, can spend a lot of time outdoors. The Jordan Garden, Szczesliwicki Park, and Pole Mokotowskie are also nearby, so we go for walks there, too. We make sure that children spend no less than 60 minutes outdoor every day.

Physical Activity

For preschoolers physical activity is as important as social and emotional development. Children need to move, especially outdoors, to stay healthy and happy. That is why at our preschool they have at least 1 hour of physical activity per day, outdoor or indoor in our gym depending on the weather. Activities are varied and include eurhythmics, judo, organized outdoor activities as well as free play in our playground, outdoor sports field and indoor gym. We also make sure to alternate sedentary time and active play during the day.

Organic Food

Blossom preschool has its own organic kitchen. Our Chef Julia Trębska prepares only healthy meals, with organic products delivered by hand-picked certified suppliers. She is responsible for making sure that the children’s diet is well-balanced. Children are served superfoods, but also home-made pie. We avoid added sugar and don’t serve any fruit juices. Children get a days worth of fully balanced meals: breakfast, lunch (soup and a main course), and an afternoon snack.
If anyone is peckish, fruit and other healthy snacks are always on hand. Drinking water is provided in every room.


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Our concept

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