Blossom pre-school in Warsaw


Our Concept

Blossom preschool is a place where we promote an innovative, progressive approach to preschool education. What we want is for children to learn about the world together with their guides/teachers in a warm and safe environment, where we listen to their needs and treat them with respect. Our job is to stimulate their innate curiosity and creativity. We don’t push children into milestones, e.g. we don’t aspire to have all our 5-year-olds reading fluently. Rather we do our best to make sure that by the time they leave our preschool they are ready – socially, emotionally and cognitively – to begin their school education happily and without stress.

English is the language of communication at our preschool. Each group is led by two teachers,  an English-speaking (native speaker)  and a Polish teacher also fluent in English.

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Reggio Emilia’s philosophy is called “the pedagogy of listening”.

Blossom preschool is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy,  and we build our approach upon principles and values from within the frameworks of NVC (non violent communication), Attachment Parenting and Child-led project-based learning.
Our fundamental principles:

  • Blossom is a growth-supporting, child-friendly place.
  • Children develop at different paces, different things pique their interest,  and so we give them the reins while trying to support them and help in strengthening their uniqueness.
  • We take a holistic approach, respecting children’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.
  • We promote the empirical approach – children learn most effectively through hands-on experience, and lots of play.
  • We develop and inspire their natural potential for asking questions, seeking answers, drawing conclusions, thinking and making decisions independently.
  • We nurture love of the arts and the artistic process through numerous art-related activities at the preschool, as well as during field trips. The surroundings in which the children spend their time have been carefully designed so as to develop their appreciation of beauty and art.
  • We promote tolerance in all its aspects. Our doors are open to children of all races, nationalities and creeds. We don’t espouse any one religion or belief.
  • We know that children love and need to move, so we create as many opportunities as possible for them to stay active, both during scheduled activities and in free play in our beautiful garden, or in one of the many nearby parks.
  • We teach language through natural everyday contact, immersion throughout the day – this is how children learn most effectively.
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At the cornerstone of our philosophy lies respect for children, for their natural needs and talents.

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Our programme

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