Blossom pre-school in Warsaw

About Us

Our facility also provides day care in English for children aged between 1,5 and 2,5 years. The day care is part of the Blossom preschool of the arts and its programme reflects the educational principles of the Blossom preschool.

At Blossom, we ensure a safe and warm environment, creating the optimal conditions for the children to develop and learn. We treat children with respect, honouring their diverse needs. We develop their creativity, social and emotional competence. Our programme places significant emphasis on speech development, through reading aloud, singing, circle games. We pay attention to language and make sure to avoid condescending baby talk. We also conduct music classes – folk songs and dances, improvisation.

A central place is reserved for art classes – drawing, painting, sculpting – we give children a lot of freedom in an effort to enhance their innate creativity and curiosity of the world.  To develop the children’s sense of aesthetics, we provide them with inspiring learning spaces. We avoid garish colours in our interiors, so as not to overstimulate the children. We believe that the sense of beauty is shaped from an early age. At Blossom, we work mainly with natural materials – so as to reduce the children’s exposure to plastic.

Physical activity features prominently in the daily routine – children spend no less than 60 minutes outdoors every day (in our own playground or out on a walk) if only the weather permits. Failing that, we organise active play indoors.

Key principles


The Blossom programme provides for:
-arts&crafts classes (daily)
-folk music class, musicality class, and art atelier

-English immersion
-PE classes


At Blossom, children’s safety is of key importance. This is how we make sure of it:
-the building meets fire safety requirements (evacuation route, smoke alarms, fire-fighting system) as well as health and sanitation requirements
-all paints and wallpapers are certified non-toxic
-all toys, furniture and items in the playground are certified safe
-all rooms are furnished with air purifiers with allergy and smog filters

Organic Food

At Blossom, we have our own kitchen. In it, we prepare only healthy meals, made from organic products delivered by hand-picked certified suppliers. Our chef is responsible for making sure that the children’s diet is well-balanced. Children will be served superfoods, but also home-made pie. We do not serve pre-cooked dishes or processed food. We avoid added sugar and do not serve any fruit juices. Children get four meals: breakfast, soup, lunch, and a healthy afternoon snack. If anyone is hungry, healthy snacks and fruit are always on hand. Drinking water is available in every room.

Daycare price list

  • Tuition: 4100 zł monthly – 8:00 – 18:00 incl. 5 organic meals
  • Tuition:  3200 zł monthly – 8:00 – 14.00 incl. meals (only for the first 3 months of enrollment)
  • Admission fee: 1950zł
  • Opening hours: 8.00 – 18.00
    Daycare can be open before. 8:00 and after 18:00 at an additional charge
  • Daycare is open all year round with a 2-week summer break
  • 5 organic meals (own kitchen)
  • All activities included (art, music, physical activities, weekly workshops)
  • Each group has 3 teachers (1 teacher per max. 5 children)
  • Psychological care
  • Only vaccinated children are admitted (mandatory vaccinations in Poland).

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